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Lack of Visibility, Surprises

Missed or unnoticed events drive Supply chain costs
Limited collaboration with Suppliers and Carriers –unreliable
Performance Metrics and Monitoring cumbersome
Constrained financial SCM

Supply Chain Visibility and Perfect Purchase Order (P.O) Optimization


Eliminating “blind spots” in supply chain, manage events and exceptions proactively, achieve compliance and flawless execution of P.O-to-Receipt at Stores.

Specialty Retailer with over 30,000 SKU’s, 4 D.Cs, and over 500 stores in US and Canada realizes visibility and command-and-control of their supply chain operations.

Global Supply Chain Control
To realize economic and operational benefits of implementing an integrated supply chain visibility and management system, the Retailer placed focus on the effort to create a closer linkage to all activities within their global supply chain (collaborating with suppliers and carrier partners) and increased merchandise visibility achieving a 360-degree view of flow and reduce landed costs.

PCI Framework-led effort delivers results
PCI implemented the solution using its Supply Chain Visibility Framework to achieve visibility in import and domestic value chain.

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Client Success Story


Retailer implements strategic project to eliminate surprises from its supply chain

Problem: Retailer lost millions of dollars due to excessive costs and un-optimized P.O  process.
Approach: Using a Supply Chain Framework, integrated
Retailer’s backend transaction
Systems on a collaborative
Platform with Suppliers/Carriers.
Solution: Developed a solution that imparts best-in-practice supply chain execution for economic and operational gains.
Results: Improved visibility
eliminates wastes delivering
Supply chain savings.