PCI helps Retailers gain the capability for eliminating surprises while managing their supply chain operations (merchandising, operations-transportation & logistics, DC and Store for “flawless” execution. Using a collaborative platform (OSMOSIS), a process-level automation is accomplished beyond the retailers corporate boundaries - buying offices, suppliers, consolidators, ocean/air carriers, brokers,
de-consolidators/ trans-load and transporters and 3PLs.

Challenge: What you don’t see; you can’t control. Without Visibility, Retailers are shooting in the dark!.

   360-degree supply chain visibility for monitoring milestones For P.O/SKU      right from P.O creation-to-Receipts at Stores.

     Events and Exceptions Reporting proactively using Alerts (Customized      Early Warnings by users in various departments.
     P.O Life Cycle (Merchandise flow ) Monitoring.
     Manage goods flow across imports and domestic transportation.
     Supply Chain Tools like Landed Cost Analysis, Supply Chain Ad Tracking.
     Preemptive performance management using executive and Operations      dashboards to monitor and control KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
     C-TPAT compliance , Vendor and Carrier Management.

Results: Retailer’s probability of remaining lifetime per-door Sales and Price points resulted in increased profits.

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Pain points in achieving
Supply Chain Visibility

Silo-ed Supply Chain Processes, Systems creates “blind-spots”.
Events and Exceptions do not get reported proactively.
Buffered Inventories and delays in order cycle times.
Increased supply chain costs to control uncertainties.
Benefits from
Supply Chain Visibility
Preemptive to act/react to uncertainties and risks.
Reliability and “no surprise” operations.
Comprehensive supply chain visibility between retailer, suppliers and carriers.