About PCI
Practice Consulting Institute, PCI is your trusted advisor for supply chain solutions. Retailers, Manufacturers, Logistics & Distribution companies, Transportation and 3PLs realize outstanding benefits using our supply chain visibility and optimization technology solutions.
  What we do?
PCI designs and implements supply chain visibility solutions and optimization models for Global companies in order to link operational improvements to strategy; while producing sustainable and measurable results and, strategic business advantages that deliver higher profits.
Our customer-partnership approach includes:
  Eliminating surprises in their business to achieve flawless execution in supply chains; master strategies to achieve
    control over uncertainties both within and outside of their company's boundaries
  Optimize key processes and deliver continuous improvement possibilities
  Provide research-based solution design and delivery capabilities (industry-specific frameworks) in the areas of
     innovation, best practices, leadership sustenance, management and operations research, sales and customer service.
Our customer’s business goals, strategies and results are at the heart of everything we do. In partnership with them, we bring together the right mix of consulting services, business process innovation, best-in-class technology and solution methods that create a custom-built, fully integrated application to solve problems or grab opportunities.
  How we work with you?
PCI’s approach begins with a thorough understanding of the business issues that will drive the effective improvements of your supply chain. We work with you, as needed, to translate your business strategy into specific development priorities through
   Rapid Diagnosis of Unrealized Opportunities
  Business strategy review
  Needs assessment (goals, KPI-key performance indicators, constraints) and prioritization
  Review of process gaps, data on current operating ratios
  Agree on a plan to demonstrate gains, outline a proof-of-concept (POC) strategy
Providing Proof
   Pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) execution
  Competency mapping, problem solving techniques to derive consistent results
  Evaluate and measure gains versus current operating ratios
Seamless Execution
  Solution design, development , integration and implementation
Measurable ROI
  Take current operating ratios (data) and show improvements
  Behavior changes in operations
  Business impact and effectiveness
  Productivity gains
  Consistency in results achieved