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PCI optimizes supply chains for “flawless” execution using optimization techniques that consolidate P.O’s by Vendor Ship date, inbound to DC, Pick dates and a slew of real life constraints faced by Retailers and Vendors…

…while reducing supply chain costs and delivering the promise of a perfect P.O life cycle from creation to receipt.

Challenge: P.O’s (sourcing) creates unrealistic logistics Execution resulting in flawed, expensive supply chain.

Results: Retailer realized benefits of flexibility and Costs by optimizing 4 areas. Vendor Load Planning, Flow Management, Carrier Planning and Consolidating LTL to TL.

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Pain points in
Retailer’s Supply Chain
P.O/demand creation does not dove-tail into logistics resulting in excessive costs
Non-optimal routing and inflated cycle times.
SKU’s not rationalized as they proliferate.
Benefits from Optimization
Flawless Execution.
Achieve financial supply chain goals.
Consolidate flow and optimized costs.
Uncertainties managed preemptively, efficiently